Strata Brass Race Night – your questions answered

This post is intended to explain a little more about what the race night is about & how it will work.

Is this like other race nights?

This is not your traditional “watch a video” night. It’s far more interactive with a huge board, six wooden horses and two volunteers per race throwing dice to decide which horse moves along the board. The kids (big & small) will love it!

How does the betting work?

Tote Betting is used – everyone can wage anything from 20p upwards on each horse in each race on the night. Odds are calculated and winnings announced before each race.

How are the races organised?

There are six races, each with six horses. Each horse can be bought for £2.50. The owners tickets are available in advance. Each horse can be sold multiple times.

What about the prizes?

Prizes for each race are drawn on the night to ensure full transparency.
The winning horse owners take away a prize – so for each race that’s a 1 in 6 chance of a prize!

Is there a big finale?

Absolutely; this is given the grand title of the ‘Auction Race’

Four horses are sold on the night for this race. They are wooden horses dragged along the floor by rolling a string. 50% of the auction proceeds will go to the winning syndicate (the other 50% to the band)

If you have any more questions then please get in touch with us (via our contact page) & we’ll do our best to answer them. We’ll also gladly sell you tickets & hope you can join us!