Holmfirth contest 2013

In preparation for the challenge of competing in the 1st section in 2014, Strata Brass entered the Holmfirth Contest held on Sunday 9th July. The band were entered in Section A and were up against bands from the Championship, 1st & Second sections.

The contest was an own choice format, consisting of Hymn Tune and Test Piece. Strata’s selections were ‘Aurelia’ and ‘Tallis Variations’.

The run up to the contest required a number of difficulties to be overcome. Due to an injury to Dave Smith (Bass Trombone), after much discussion, David Holling took his place. Special thanks to Huw Thomas for stepping in at short notice to conduct!

Strata were drawn 1st at the contest; feedback from the audience was positive, although as always there is only one opinion that matters. Fortunately the adjudicator’s opinion was favourable & the band were awarded 1st place. Congratulations also go to David Shipman, who was awarded the prize for best Euphonium.

Congratulations to Uppermill & Old Silkstone for their respective 2nd & 3rd places.

Strata Brass would like to express our gratitude to Huw Thomas for stepping in at the last minute. Thanks also to David Holling for the all the preparation work prior to providing a fine, albeit unexpected, performance on Bass Trombone!

Contest Results (Courtesy of All4Brass)